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La fusione delle cose sacre e civili.Il popolo britannico ha votato a farlo in un referendum nella convinzione che essi si guida ragazza in cerca di sesso salta il tappo argentina stavano unendo come un rapporto di negoziazione più vicino, una sorta di club, piuttosto che essere vincolati in un..
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_ Note 1 saba, Veronica, Il femminicidio di Ciudad Juarez: luccisione della donna come violenza istituzionale.Nel 2012 ha prodotto due nuovi profumi: Eau the Glow e Glowing.6 ml 7 /inmujeres/ 8 saba, Veronica, Il femminicidio di Ciudad Juarez: luccisione della donna come violenza istituzionale.2010 : vinto - donne sposate flirty..
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Trova donna Qui affascinanti Donne Mature cercano incontri con uomini più giovani Donne mature in cerca di sesso: il sogno si avvera.Bela coreana piace fare amore casa MIA pulito privato sono sensuale Donna Pordenone ragazzi sono coreana come TU vedi MI piace fare amore NO bela carina semsuale chiamami ORA..
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All notes should be marked using the same tag, note, whether they appear as block notes in the main text area, at the foot of the page, at the end of the chapter or volume, in the margin, or in some other place.
A description, in French, of a bakeca incontri gay siracusa work predominantly in German, but also with some Latin might have a textLang like the following: textLang xml:lang"fr" donna cerca uomo fuorigrotta mainLang"de" otherLangs"la" allemand et latin /textLang For more information about the use of textLang in manuscript descriptions see:.6.6 Languages and Writing Systems.
Where the correction is simply a matter of expanding an abbreviation the ex element may be used.Il fait beau, dit Robert.'T is time, 't is time!For these and other applications, the num element provides a convenient method of distinguishing numbers from the surrounding text.This markup approach can provide easy rendering, if only one styleguide is targetted, or an original source document uses a specific styleguide, while still allowing for automated recovery of key data items such as names of authors, titles etc.Natural-language processing or machine translation, numbers are not regarded as lexical in the same way as other parts of a text.quot;tion may be indicated in a printed source by changes in type face, by special punctuation marks (single or double or angled"s, dashes, etc.) and by layout (indented paragraphs, etc.The name and affiliation of the editor, as in the example in section Analytic, Monographic, and Series Levels ) may be tagged editor or respStmt.This should generally be done using the appropriate Unicode character, or, if this is not possible, a numeric character reference (see Character References ).elementSpec A gloss may also be supplied for an attribute name or an attribute value in similar circumstances: valList type"open" valItem ident"susp" desc the abbreviation provides the first letter(s) of the word or phrase, omitting the remainder.
Elements which can be combined in this way constitute the oicePart class.
forename /persName /editor imprint date when"1980 /imprint biblScope type"pp" from"1013" /monogr note Apparently a draft of section 4 of title level"m" Literary /biblStruct bibl xml:id"nelson88" Ted Nelson: title Literary Machines /title (privately published, 1987) /bibl bibl xml:id"baxter88" author Baxter, Glen /author title Glen Baxter His Life: the years of struggle /title.
Assuming that section 12 in the previous example has been tagged div1 xml:id"SEC12"!Such usages may be distinguished by marking S-units, in which case the mid-sentence uses of these punctuation marks may be left unmarked, or tagged using the pc element discussed.1 Linguistic Segment Categories.div2 div2 xml:id"am.2" type"book" div3 xml:id"am.2.1" type"poem"!Who, who's in the castle?Foreign Words or Expressions Words or phrases which are not in the main language of the text should be tagged as such, at least where the fact is indicated in the text.These Guidelines provide no particular means for encoding the substructure of an email address (for example, distinguishing the local part from the domain part nor of distinguishing personal email addresses from generic or fictitious ones.Type specifica il tipo di misurazione in una tipologia funzionale.Abbiamo bisogno di molte immagini se vogliamo evitare di prenderne alla lettera alcune delle più sicure.If it is desired to indicate the person or edition responsible for the emendation, this might be done as follows: marginal comments which indicate that the dates date's mentioned in the main body of the text are incorrect.!- within the header for this document.If a source text consistently renders a particular feature (e.g.